Compressing a file

1) Select the files you want to add to your zip by clicking browse. You may leave some of the file fields blank if you dont not need to use all 10.

2) Each time you click browse, a file dialog box will pop up. Navigate to where you file is, and click open. After you have added all the files you need to, click 'Compress Files'.

3) The page will reload with your .zip/.tar./.tgz/.rar download link.

Unzip Tutorial

1) Click browse.

2) Navigate to your .zip/.tar./.tgz/.rar file and click open

3) Next, click 'Uncompress'. It may take several moments to upload and unzip the file, depending on the size and you connection.

4) Once you file has been extracted, you will get a listing of all the files that were in the zip. You may click each file to download it.

All done! Now you try...